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Jet Hardware Mfgr. Corp. Brooklyn, NY are represented by H&L Simon Company covering the South West United States. They

also serve as consultants to Jet for product, marketing, design and engineering.

Jet's primary business revolves around High Precision Key Blanks and High Security keys both mechanical and Transponder for

the automotive field. Equipment is also provided to duplicate the keys and to decode and clone the Transponders in the automotive


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The "DITTO +" Line

Brass keys, highly polished with incising to simulate the original manufacturers designs PLUS (+) a neatly incised identification stock number.


Jet introduced to the America's the GROOVY KEY LINE. Jet offers one of the largest selection of these types of keys in world. Groovy Keys are not "painted." Key blanks has a process in that embeds the colors on to the metal.


Jet was the first manufacturer to give the Locksmiths the equipment to make Transponder Keys.  Jet offers a complete line of the most popular Transponder keys. Jet's Smart Clone is able to clone 100% perfectly most all Transponder Keys and all High Security TI CRYPTO Transponders


The ULTIMATE key blanks in nickel silver as rated by independent Master Locksmiths throughout the North American Continent. The most accurate and unique key blank in production GUARANTEED in writing to be consistently SUPERIOR to both Original and other nickel silver blanks made in the world. Designed and engineered specifically for master keying and accurate duplication.

Only the finest Brass and German Silver in the world is used for the manufacturing of Jet's nickel silver keys.

All of Jet's keys are consistently superior to the original manufacturer's productions !

The " SILVER LINE " is engineered to exceed the original lock manufactures production keys! Master keying and master keyed locks have always been the criteria and the reason for master locksmith's use of original manufacturers key blanks. Duplication of keys on quality blanks assures both the locksmith and owners of the locks, trouble free service.

The " SILVER LINE " offers the largest selection of keys to replicate OEM products. The "Best" line offers more keyways than any other manufacturer (other than Best) in the world!

The key bows are COINED / EMBOSSED, designed to create the appearance of "originals," and they are polished to a fine finish using a special new process. The blanks are engineered for more accurate key duplication.

The "UNI-BOW" Series

Brass keys, highly polished on a single bow style and various manufacturers keyways. One bow style, not to large, not too small. Various keyways. Optional individual imprints either incised or coined.

The "BIG BOW" Line

Brass key blanks with high tolerances against torque and breakage with an oversized key bow. Optional individual imprints - either incised or coined.


Our standard brass keys, highly polished and custom incised with customers individual imprints.

The "NEUTER-BOW" Series

Brass keys, nickel plated and highly polished with a single bow style and various manufacturers keyways. Custom coined (embossed) on both sides with customers individual imprints.


Jet offers a selection of precision made duplicating equipment to fit in the users budget.  The 7060 Series is one of the most accurate and quiet machines in the world..